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Our focus is on Thai flavors crafted with local ingredients, served in a shared small plate format that allows you to enjoy them in Thai style. Our menus change frequently to reflect what ingredients are available seasonally - we grow lots of herbs and vegetables ourselves, and source locally as much as possible - and how they can be best prepared. These are samples only.


Menu for Woodlawn Street Market, 09/19

muu ping, grilled pork skewers

marinated pork basted with coconut cream, sticky rice, spicy dipping sauce

som tam thai, Bangkok-style green papaya salad

princess tomatoes, long beans, New Orleans dried shrimp, peanuts, chile/lime dressing, sticky rice

kaeng daeng muu fak thong, pork & pumpkin red curry

local Thai pumpkin, handmade curry paste, thai basil

phat thai thammadaa, Thai stir-fried rice noodles

egg, New Orleans dried shrimp, tofu, bean sprout, garlic chives, peanut, lime

kaeng khiaw waan kai, green curry chicken

summer bamboo, handmade curry paste, lemon basil

phat kaphraaw muu, holy basil pork

ground pork, eggplant, long bean, holy basil

phak bung phat fay daeng, red fire water morning glory

fresh local water convolvulus, chile, garlic, salted bean sauce

phat phak ruam mit, stir-fry mixed vegetables

best of the field: baby corn, tomato, okra, eggplant, cabbage

thai fried egg

thai green and black iced teas





Menu From Private Party, 07/13

naam phrik thua phat, fried peanut chile relish

arugula, nasturtium, green mango, pumpkin shoots

kaeng khiaw waan neua, green curry beef

baby thai eggplants, lemon basil, hand-pounded curry paste, coconut cream

yam kop kathi tian, 'mock frog salad'

shredded poached chicken, coconut cream and roasted chile/garlic dressing, lemongrass, anise basil

plaa thawt krathiam dong, fried fish with pickled garlic

sunned asian bass, cilantro, white pepper

tom jeut kai khaaw pot awn, chicken and baby corn soup

clear broth, baby corn, white oak chicken, corn tofu




Dinner Lab Menu, 06.09 & 06.10


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