Local. Fresh. Thai.

Our name: 'alloy'

Our name is a pun on the Thai word for delicious, aroy (often pronounced 'aloy'). It is also a reference to our home, Birmingham, originally a steel city. An alloy is defined as a compound in which the two (or more) elements are so fused as to be indistinguishable, which is an apt description of Thai cuisine: disparate flavors and ingredients, cooked together, until they fuse to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We utilize local products wherever possible, while crafting authentic Thai flavors.  

Our concept: Thai dining - family style

Traditional Thai meals are shared: a variety of dishes, including soups, curries, relishes, and salads, all to be eaten with rice, are enjoyed by friends or family. To facilitate this experience, we offer multicourse set menus comprising a range of dishes, as well as rice & curry shop popups. Catering and private dining is wholly customizable to your needs.

In the future, we plan to translate this experience to a brick & mortar restaurant focusing on shared small plates as well as tasting menus. Naturally, lunches will follow a more streamlined approach: rice & curry and single plate dishes. 

Our commitments: core values

We believe that food is an expression of culture, to be shared and enjoyed.

We believe in sustainable foodways, with a commitment to sourcing quality products locally and supporting the growth of local agriculture.

We believe that Birmingham a city with tremendous potential and cultural resources. We aim to act as a beneficial community partner, and to actively contribute to our home.

We believe in a work culture of growth and engagement.

We believe a guest is like a god, and strive to offer the highest level of food and service.


"Seriously some of the best food I've ever had." - Hayley B.C.

"So many flavors and such beautiful presentation!!" - Jennifer S.C.

"Your food had the most memorable, robust flavoring of the event. People will be talking." - Buddy P. 

"The BEST "Local" Thai for all the REAL Thai food lovers out there!" - Darlene W.

"These guys are the best Thai food in the state! Heat, flavor, complexity, and they make genuine connections with people." - Jonathan P.

"Absolutely amazing! Josh is a gracious host, and superb chef. Each course was more delicious than the last. Recommend wearing an elastic waistband!" - Joshua M.

"Absolutely incredible!!! Each dish was unique, fragrant, and delicious!!! It is an experience everyone should have at least once! You feel like you are in Thailand!!!" - Priscilla P.M.

"The Thai food sets a new standard!! The best I have had! Outstanding and Josh has incredible knowledge of the food and culture!" - Jon K.

"Had a great meal at Alloy Thai last Saturday night. Met some cool people and ate lots of interesting and delicious food in a beautiful and unique environment. Highly recommended for lovers of food and good things. One of the more unforgettable dining experiences I've ever had in Birmingham." - Jacob T.


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